Cummins Generator Engine

Powering Your Home, Business, Life.

Our product lines are designed with state-of-the-art technologies to provide standby power, distributed power generation, and auxiliary power for a wide range of needs. Anytime, anywhere, Cummins generators are ready to keep you up and running, no matter what.

ENGINE FAMILY provides efficient, fully-integrated Cummins power generation systems built for reliability in uncertain circumstances. From homes to hospitals, and data centers to mining operations, our power generation products inspire confidence and keep the lights on.

Cummins is a worldwide provider of electrical generators and power generation systems, components and services in standby power, distributed power generation, as well as auxiliary power in mobile applications to meet the needs of a diversified customer base. Cummins products include diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 2,700 kW, alternators from 0.6 KVA to 30,000 KVA, transfer switches from 40 amps to 3,000 amps, paralleling switchgear and generator set controls.

Excellent power

● of the maximum output power up to 500Kw, the maximum output torque of 2990N.m, to ensure that a variety of conditions of use of power.

Ultra-Low Fuel Consumption

● The Cummins XPI EHJ common rail fuel injection system and the CTT high-flow turbocharger are combined with Cummins advanced power cylinder design and electronic control system to greatly reduce fuel consumption and ensure that the engine can operate under different operating conditions and applications Excellent fuel economy.

Outstanding Reliability

● With the world’s leading engineering technology and analysis tools combined with the Chinese user’s usage design, the engine has stronger high altitude operation capability, low temperature operation and heavy load sustained by powerful sensors and electronic control system Operating capacity, minus 40 to 60 degrees Celsius, 5200 meters above sea level engine can operate freely.

Diesel Generator Application

We produce and export 8-2000kw diesel generator sets. Diesel generator sets are widely used in field construction, high-rise buildings, schools, hospitals, industrial and mining enterprises, farms, villages and other places where electricity is needed.

128kw 160kva diesel generator power from cummins 6CTA8.3-G2 engine

Generator Genset Model YDNC-128
Rated Frequency 50Hz
Power Factor 0.8
Rated Voltage 230V/400V
Rated Power (KW/KVA) 128kw/160kva
Standby Power (KW/KVA) 140.8kw/176kva
Phase/Wire 3Phase, 4Wire
Overall Size (mm) 2500*850*1400
Weight (kg) 1400Kg
Diesel Engine Model 6CTA8.3-G2
Type Water-cooled, inline, 4-stroke, direct injection,wet cylinder liner, 1500rpm
Rated Power (kw) 163
Intake Type Turb
No. of Cylinder 6.L
Bore×Stroke (mm) 114×135
Lube Oil Capacity (L) 24
Compression Ratio 17.3:1
Alternator Model FLD-128
Rated Power (KW/KVA) 128/176
Excitation Type Brushless
Insulation Class H
Material 100% pure copper
Voltage regulation AVR