CAT 3306 Diesel Engines

Engine model CAT 3306 series engine
Engine type 6 cylinders inline, water-cooling
Aspiration turbocharged (aftercooled)
Bore x Stroke 120.7mm x 152.4mm
Displacement 10.45 L (638 in3)
Net Weight 1300-1500kg
Overall Dimensions approximately 1560x992x1559mm
Fuel supply direct injection (DI)
Application constructional machines, generator sets


Elaborately tailor-made to engineering machinery

Widely applied on various CAT constructional machineries

Enjoying a general average breakdown interval of over 4,000 hours and an overhaul period of over 10,000 hours.

In comparison with its competitors, it is 23% higher in efficiency and 10% lower in fuel consumption rate

The power is not prone to loss on a plateau at altitude of 4,500m

Worldwide spare parts availability and maintenance acquaintance

The factory built up in April of 1947, which was even before PRC was built up (1949), and has been in diesel engine industry over 64 years.

It covers an area of over 700,000 square meters, together with a work force over 3,000 and net asset over 1.9 billion CNY.

Besides this CAT 3306 series engines, it also produces other diesel engines, CNG engines, etc, for truck, bus, constructional machines, agricultural machines and generator sets.

ISO quality system approval acquired ever since 1994

It belongs to a vehicle manufacturing group which is now top 2 in China

As one of the most classical and successful engine series of Caterpillar, there are totally over 1 million units of 3306 series engines running all over the world, thanks to its outstanding and continuous performances, widely accepted and welcomed to be ideal choices of constructional machines especially.

CAT Parameters


By buying related technologies and production instruments directly from US CAT, ever since 1980s, we are able to present you this excellent engine, together with our accumulated experiences and services.
As one of the largest authorised Caterpillar dealers in the world, Engine Family provides customers with a wide array of machinery and construction equipment as well as a comprehensive whole-of-life management solution designed to make owning and operating equipment as easy, profitable and safe.

Application Power Rating Peak Torque
Engineering 114kw 1900rpm 687 N.m (507 lb.ft)
131kw 1900rpm 810 N.m (597 lb.ft)
154kw 2200rpm 802 N.m (591 lb.ft)
162kw 2200rpm 843 N.m (622 lb.ft)
187kw 2200rpm 974 N.m (718 lb.ft)
172kw 2200rpm 895 N.m (660 lb.ft)
192kw 2200rpm 1000 N.m (737 lb.ft)
224kw 2200rpm 1167 N.m (861 lb.f)
235kw 2100rpm 1250 N.m (922 lb.ft)
Power Generating 200kw 1500rpm Water-air aftercooling
210kw 1800rpm Water-air aftercooling
225kw 1500rpm Air-air aftercooling

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Power output differs for different applications, since CAT 3306 series engines are widely applied to various CAT engineering machineries, such as 637D(190.2kw), 639D, 966C(174kw/2200rpm), 966F(175.2kw),977L(141.7kw), 980B(191.2kw), D5, D5B, D7G(164kw/2000rpm), old D6R (131kw/1900rpm), old D7R
(172kw/2100rpm) etc.

Export packing: plywood crate

Speed governor: mechanical

Minimum order quantity (MOQ): 1 set

Sample production circle: 22 working days

Factory inspection is available after formal order loaded

Basic warranty: 1 year or 1500 working hours, whichever comes first

Engine painting: usually yellow

Engine family offers extensive after sales service benefits for the replacement of parts, component overhaul and repair, as well as the fabrication of specialised equipment and components for its markets.

When you purchase your Cat machine or engine from Engine Family, you can be sure that you and your business will receive:

A value that will improve your business performance and exceed the quality and performance of the competition.Plus Superior after sales service and support.

Ensuring our customers receive the utmost in quality is every Engine Family employee’s responsibility.  This is why we continually striving to give our customers the best possible competitive edge through the delivery, service and after sales support of all the equipment we sell.



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