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Advanced Solutions

To provide you with diesel engines and generator sets. Engine Family brand engines provide advanced power solutions for different applications and budgets. We can also tailor the perfect solution to your specific environmental needs.

Delivering proven diesel engine solutions from the world's most experienced application engineering team.
In addition to the advanced MTU range, we also offer other well-known diesel engine solutions to your specific needs.

  1. Cummins series solutions

    Shanghai Diesel Engine Family Co.,Ltd provides Cummins’s wide range of diesel and natural gas engines, as well as parts and components, for use in automotive, industrial and power generation equipment. The displacement of Cummins engine from 2.8 to 91 L, power range cover 60~3500 horsepower, widely used in heavy trucks, medium trucks, buses, RV, light commercial vehicles and pickup trucks and other road vehicle, as well as construction machinery, mining equipment, agricultural machinery, ships and railways and other non-highway areas.
    Cummins engines are renowned in the industry not only for first-class reliability, durability and fuel economy, but also to meet increasingly stringent vehicle emissions (EPA2010, Europe Fourth and fifth), non-motorized motor Equipment Emissions (Tier 4 interim/stage IIIB) and ship emissions (IMO IMO standards) in the fierce competition has been in the industry leading position.
    Cummins power business products are used to provide power, distributed power generation and auxiliary power supply on mobile devices to meet customers ‘ multi-directional power requirements. We also offer a full range of services and power solutions including long-term operations and maintenance agreements, turnkey projects and temporary power supplies. The product line includes diesel and alternative fuel generator sets (2.5 kw ~ 2.7 MW), alternator (0.6 KVA ~ $number KVA), engine, control system, switching switch (40amps ~3000 Amps) and switchgear, etc., widely used in office buildings, hospitals, factories, Municipal, power plants, universities, recreational and leisure vehicles, yachts and home power and other fields.
    Cummins high horsepower engines are widely used in mines, ships, oil and gas fields, railways and engineering machinery. The product line includes diesel engines (from 19 to 95 liters), gas engines (from 5.9 to 72 liters), rig generators and dual-fuel engines and components.

  2. Deutz series solutions

    From construction machinery, pumps, vehicles, underground mining equipment, marine propulsion to the agricultural sector: over the past 45 years, each machine and all engine types are equipped with Deutz Xchange engines.
    Over 150 years of experience in engine manufacturing, the worldwide Authorized Deutz Service network.
    Disassembly, cleaning, component testing and replacement, assembly and inspection are performed in accordance with Deutz specifications.
    All of the engines are in the latest technology development phase, without hidden costs, easy to track the entire service life of investment.
    Excellent quality, reliability and long service life are the core values of Deutz’s brand.

  3. Iveco Series Solutions

    Engine Family has been responsible for upholding the Fiat tradition in the field of the diesel engine.
    Over the last decade, the need to reduce noise pollution and exhaust emissions of diesel engines has been a considerable spur to development and technological innovation at Engine Family / Iveco.
    Iveco is the brand under which the light,medium and heavy vehicles are sold. he range of light vehicles is made up of the New Daily in its versions from 2.8 T to 7.0 T and with 4×4 drive.The range of medium vehicles includes the Eurocargo, available from 7 T to 19T and with 4×2 or 4×4 drive.Stralis and Trakker, from 19 T to 72 T,make up the heavy vehicle range in two,three,or four-axled versions with all-wheel drive or two-wheel drive.

  4. Perkins series solutions

    Perkins: The brand is renowned all over the world, technology take in lead in this industry.
    Perkins is an internationally renowned manufacturer of non-road diesel engines. Since the start of 1985, technology has been leading the industry. A total of more than 20 million engines have been produced so far, many of which are still in operation.
    Perkins has a complete lineup of products ranging from 0.5L to 63L with a power range from 8kW to 2MW. These engines provide power for a wide range of equipment, including excavators, agricultural tractors, wheeled loaders, aerial platforms, generators, joint harvesters, bulldozers and pumps.
    We work with more than 800 global host plant partners, for more than 5,000 kinds of application equipment to provide a suitable power solutions.

    Its main advantages are:
    (1). Perkins’s lineup covers a wide range of applications in conjunction with a wide range of application situations. From small engines to high-powered large engines, each Perkins engine is a symbol of excellent performance, outstanding fuel economy and low cost of ownership. Whether your mechanical products are to be supplied to areas that have not yet implemented emissions regulations, or to meet the world’s most stringent emission standards, we have an engine to choose from. Whether you need a diesel or a gas power system, you can always find a Perkins engine to suit your needs.
    (2). Our industrial engine is the result of more than 80 years of engineering experience. Many of the world’s applied machinery, including tractors, telescopic fork loading, aerial platforms, excavators and compressors, rely on the industrial engines of Perkins to provide them with power, and Perkins is undoubtedly giving power to the world. Our industrial engine design compact, high power density, and the entire service life period can maintain low-cost, so you only small investment, you can exchange for years of benefit.
    (3). Our power generation engines can operate in the harshest environments and under the harshest conditions. Whether it is used in a common or standby generator set, Perkins ‘ engines are able to ensure instant response, provide you thousands of hours of reliable power to support you no power to worry about.

  5. Volvo series Solutions

    Volvo is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and service providers of trucks, passenger cars, construction equipment, shipbuilding and industrial applications, as well as aviation components. In 19 countries around the world with production base. Customers in more than 180 countries and regions around the world.

    Its main advantages are:
    Straight row six cylinder, water-cooled, exhaust gas turbo, four-stroke, intake of water for the air in the cold (TWD-type), or into the air into the air to the cold type (tad type), direct injection fuel system.
    Low-inertia supercharger and straight-line plunger injection pump, integrated mechanical speed regulator or GAC electronic governor, the porous injector composed of the reaction speed of the fuel injection system, so that the engine has a very short recovery time with high load capacity.
    The wet type can replace the cylinder sleeve, with the fire-resistant abutment shoulder, can cause the cylinder head to resist the high temperature. The distribution of the optimization force of the cast iron cylinder is not extra weight, and the machine is specially light. The crankshaft and transmission gear of nitrogen-carbon treatment are suitable for heavy duty operation, and the crankshaft has 7 bearings to reduce the load of main bearing.
    The electric heater in the intake manifold can make the engine start fast and reliable at low temperature in winter, and can reduce the exhaust emission.
    The new designed EFI engine also have follows advantages: higher reliability, no overhaul time of more than 30,000 hours, to reach the industry-leading level, lower fuel consumption, lower costs, in line with the EU’s second emission standards, high elevation power drop less, 1000 meters per rise in power drop ≤2.5%; Less rotational speed and shorter recovery time; better low-temperature start-up performance; larger smoke back pressure.