WP6 Series

Duty Model HP kW RPM
P1 WP6C122-15 122 90 1500
P1 WP6C142-18 142 105 1800
P1 WP6C156-21 156 115 2100
P1 WP6C150-15 150 110 1500
P1 WP6C165-18 165 122 1800
P1 WP6C185-21 185 136 2100
P1 WP6C140-23 140 103 2300
P1 WP6C163-23 163 120 2300
P1 WP6C198-23 185 136 2100
P1 WP6C220-23 220 162 2300
P1 WP6C250-25 228 168 2425
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WP6 marine engine is an improvement over 226B engine. The WP6 series of marine engines isengineeredbyWeichaiin partnership with GermanDeutz AG. This engine series brings increased strokes and optimized butperformant design. Engines that fall in WP6 seriesareusually mounted on small size transport ships and fishing boats on inland rivers.WP6 series engine can work as both the primary and secondary engine. The engine is CCS certified.

High Strength Engine

With single piece fashioned crankshaft and Aluminum composite cylinders, the motor is intended to stun with its execution.

Improved Cooling

This engine from Weichai brings an enhanced cooling framework which utilizes new water heat exchanger with expansion tank and thermostatic valves. There’s likewise a mechanically driven water pump.

Lubrication System

The lubricationframework of the engine has turn on full stream oil channel and highlights new water cooled lube alongside plate type oil cooler.

Proficient Fuel System

Weichai has outfitted the fuel framework with P-type in-line infusion pump, double skinned fuel pipe stacked with spillage gatherer and alarm and Duplex fuel channels.

Fumes System

The air channel can be replaced while turbocharger has been enhanced for marine application.

Electrical System

The WP6series engines include 24V electric starter engine and battery charging alternator. It also comes with 5 meter harness and voyage safeguard monitor.

Technical Info

Weichai Marine Engine WP6 Technique Specification

Bore & Stroke 105×130 mm
Displacement 6.75 L
CylinderNumber 6
CompressionRatio 18:1
FuelSystem Mechanical Pump
Aspiration T/TA
Emission Standard IMO Tier Ⅱ
Length 1185mm
Width 744mm
Height 1083mm
Dry Weight 750kg

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