Engine model WP4CD60-15
Engine type 4 Cylinders, in Line
Displacement 4.5 L
Advertised Power (KW@RPM) 60kW/75KVA @ 1500rpm
Standby Power (KW@RPM) 66kW/83KVA @ 1500rpm
Cooling Method Water Cooled
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WP4 Series Marine Emergency Genset adopts WP4 diesel engines as its power source and is equipped with brand name generator (Marathon, Siemens, Lan Dian and Stanford).

Its rotation speed reaches 1,500r/min or 1,800r/min and its power range is 30kW-120kW. CCS, ZY and BV classification certificates are provided upon request.

Configuration Generators: famous brand generators such as Marathon, Siemens, Lan Dian, and Stanford are equipped. Insulation Grade is H.

Emergency function: dual fuel start-up and emergency automatic start-up.

Protection function: alarming systems will be activated once the rotation speed, lub oil pressure, water pressure or lub oil temperature reaches the limit.

Main features

  • Safe and reliable generator: This series Genset selects brand-name generator, including Marathon, Siemens, Lan Dian and Stanford, etc. with insulation grade of H and protection grade of IP23.
  • High economic performance: The overall cost of the Genset is relatively low. It boasts high economic performance and thermal efficiency. Its fuel consumption curve is comparatively flat with comparatively low fuel consumption even under low load.
  • Excellent performance: This series emergency Genset boasts advantages of compact structure, high power, high reliability, easy operation and maintenance.

Optional configuration

  • Start-up: electric / gas motor, electric / spring motor
  • Speed adjustment: electronic speed governor
  • Instrument: local / remote display / remote control
  • Generator: Marathon / Siemens / Lan Dian / Stanford / Others Coolant heater Lubricant heater
  • Voltage: 400V/440V Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz Silencer / flame extinguishing silencer Unrestricted service
  • Classification certificates: CCS/ZY/BV

Technical Info

Weichai Marine Engine WP4CD60-15 General Information

Engine Model WP4CD60-15
Engine Type 4 Cylinders, in Line
Displacement 4.5L
Bore*Stroke(mm) 105*130
Ignition Sequence 1-3-4-2
Certification CCS
Emission Standard IMO Tier Ⅱ
Net Weight 600KG
Overall Diemension(L*W*H) 1058*740*1054mm

Weichai Marine Engine WP4CD60-15 Technical Specification

Control System Mechanical/Electronic Governor
Aspiration Turbocharged
Power Output type SAE3/11.5
Electrical System(Starter Motor/Alternator) DC12V/24V Electric Starting
Compression Ratio 18:1
Oil sump capacity 10L

Weichai Marine Engine WP4CD60-15 Performance Data

Advertised Power/Speed 60kW/1500rpm
Standby Power/Speed 66kW/1500rpm
Oil Consumption(g/kw.h) ≤0.5
Idel Speed(r/min) 650
Overhaul life(h) >12000
Fuel Consumption ≤205g/kw.h

Trade Information

Weichai Marine Engine WP4CD60-15 trade information

Warranty time 1year or 1500h
Certification CCS
Net Weight 600 kg
Engine Size(L*W*H): 1058*740*1054mm
Delivary port Shanghai
Delivary time 15 working days
Trade termes FOB/CIF/CNF
Payement termes T/T,L/C
Gross Weight 650 kg
Packing Size(L*W*H): 1258*940*1354mm

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