WD10 Series

Duty Model HP kW RPM
P1 WD10C190-15 190 140 1500
P1 WD10C218-15 218 160 1500
P1 WD10C240-15 240 176 1500
P1 WD10C258-15 258 190 1500
P1 WD10C278-15 278 205 1500
P1 WD10C190-18 190 140 1800
P1 WD10C200-18 200 147 1800
P1 WD10C240-18 240 176 1800
P1 WD10C278-18 278 205 1800
P1 WD10C312-18 312 230 1800
P1 WD10C200-21 200 147 2100
P1 WD10C278-21 278 205 2100
P1 WD10C300-21 300 220 2100
P1 WD10C326-21 326 240 2100
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Bringing premium performance at value pricing, WD10 Series 6-cylinder 4-stroke Marine Engine is relatively quiet and environment friendly. Ideal for use in river transportation ships, public vessels, and small to medium sized fishing boats, this engine is based on a modern innovative design reference that makes it compact like road vehicle engines. The engine is EIAPP and CCS certified.

Powerful Engine

WD10 Series comes with an engine featuring cast iron strong body, Aluminium alloy pistons, and a single piece forged crankshaft.

Advanced Cooling System

Cooling system sports a heat exchanger with integrated thermostatic valves and expansion tank. Also features a mechanically driven fresh water pump made of cast iron.

Quality Lubrication System

The marine engine has an advanced lubrication system with duplex type oil filters that can be replaced even when the engine is operational.

Versatile Fuel System

Fuel system includes a dual-skinned fuel pipe for durability and comes with alarm and leakage collector. Electrical system has a 24 Volt starter motor along with a battery charging alternator and a voyage safeguard monitor.

Technical Info

Weichai Marine Engine WD10 Technique Specification

Bore & Stroke 126×130 mm
Displacement 9.7 L
CylinderNumber 6
CompressionRatio 17:1
FuelSystem Mechanical Pump
Aspiration T/TA
Emission Standard IMO Tier Ⅱ
Length 1895mm
Width 948mm
Height 1176mm
Dry Weight 1056kg

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