Holset VGT™

The Holset VGT™ from Cummins Turbo Technologies pioneered Variable Geometry (VG) technology for the commercial vehicle market in 1998. Featuring a patented sliding nozzle ring, the Holset VGT offers a wide flow range that allows for higher boost pressures at low engine speeds. VG technology provides the most fuel-efficient means of driving short-route Exhaust Gas Recirculation (EGR), which is used to reduce NOx levels.
The Holset VGT is unique because the vanes slide axially so it has fewer moving parts and less wear sites. This improves the durability and reliability of this technology; essential for today’s commercial diesel applications. Cummins Turbo Technologies’ world-class research and development continues to build upon today’s successful Holset VGT by improving total operating costs and fuel efficiency.


  • Suitable for Light-Duty, Medium-Duty and Heavy-Duty Applications

Frame Sizes

  • 200/300/400/500

Fixed Geometry

The Holset brand has its roots in fixed geometry technology, turbochargers which funnel all the exhaust gas to the turbine to boost engine power. With over 60 years experience of meeting customer power requirements, Cummins Turbo Technologies’ expertise of this technology is tried and tested, and today produces some of the world’s most optimized, efficient and reliable turbochargers.

Although the concept of fixed geometry has been unchanged for decades, Cummins Turbo Technologies has progressively improved performance and reliability, using the same world-class engineering that is used throughout Cummins. As a cost-effective method for boost, Holset fixed geometry turbochargers excel in technical performance, which directly translates into engine fuel economy. These fuel-economy advantages mean that fixed geometry turbochargers are a key customer solution as emissions regulations continue to become more stringent.


  • Suitable for Light to Heavy-Duty Applications

Frame Sizes

  • 2150/200/300/500/600/800/900/1000

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