Engine model BF6M1013
Engine type 4-stroke, cylinders in line, diesel, OHV, with liquid cooling, direct injection, turbocharged
Displacement 7.146 L
Rated Power 162-220KW(217.08-294.80 HP)@2300rpm
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM) 770-1100 Nm, 726-1056 lb.ft @ 1400 rpm
Emission EUⅠ  EUⅡ   EUⅢ


Adopt the unit pump structure tested for 12 years in European markets, stable performance, reliable and average heavy repair mileage is 100,000 kilometers higher than other kind products, with 30 days more attendance in a year.

Adopt structures off the unit pump with the highest injection pressure and top built intake duct, short and high pressure pipe, met the emission standard, save 2 to 3 liters fuel per one hundred kilometers compared with other kind products.

Unique single injection pump fuel supplying system, low requirements for fuel quality, adaptable to Chinese fuel quality and guaranteed the reliability of the complete engine.

Noise lower than 96 decibels, the only one engine met the standard without assistant approaches in China.

Integrated design, compact structure, smaller and lighter than kind products by 100 to 150 kilograms.

Simple structure and easy to maintenance, all the repair point are on the same side with the engines; Series 2012 adopted non cylinder liner and none valve guide structure.

Technical Info

DEUTZ Diesel Engine BF6M1013 Technique Specification

Bore 108.0 mm
Stroke 130.0 mm
Displacement 7.146 L
Fuel System EUⅠ/EUⅡ:Mechanical in-line pump,VE pump, EUⅢ:Electronic controlled unit pump
Starting system Electric Starter
Cold Style Water-cooled
Cycle 4 stroke
Number of Cylinders 6 cylinders in line
Min Fuel Consumption 193 g/kw.h

Trade Information

DEUTZ Diesel Engine BF6M1013 Trade Information

Warranty time 1year or 1500h
Engine Size(L*W*H): 1266mm x 600mm x 952mm
Weight net 650 Kg
Delivary port Shanghai
Delivary time 15 working days
Trade termes FOB/CIF/CNF
Payement termes T/T,L/C

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General Parts

Deutz Diesel Engine 1013 Series Conventional Spare Parts

02937439 | Water pump

Part Name: Water pump

Part Number: 0293 7439

Brand: Deutz

Model: 1013 Series

Place of Origin: China

DEUTZ Water pump are specifically designed and tested to fit the engine perfectly when it comes to delivery volume, material and vibration behaviour. High quality bearings and sealings ensure optimum performance and long life time.

04501008 | Crankshaft

Part Name: Crankshaft

Part Number: 04501008

Brand: Deutz

Model: 1013 Series

Place of Origin: China

Accurately cast or precisely forged, crankshafts translate the linear movement of the engine´s pistons into the required circular motion. Deutz engine  crankshafts are perfectly balanced and allow for smooth engine operation, benefiting both material and environment.

02112675 | Fuel pump

Part Name: Fuel pump

Part Number: 02112675

Model: 1013 Series

Brand: Deutz

Place of Origin: China

The DEUTZ fuel pump has been specially designed and tested to perfectly fit the engine in terms of throughput and material properties. High-quality combustion efficiency components ensure optimum engine performance and long service life.



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