Engine model BF4L913 Air Cooled Diesel Engine
Engine type 4-cylinder in line air-cooled 4-stroke
Displacement 4.068L
Rated Power 47KW-78KW (63HP-105HP)@1500 rpm-2500 rpm
Air-intake system Turbo charging
Emission Standard Euro I Euro II Euro III


Deutz 912/913 engines are widely used in different applications, such as tractor, power generating, agricultural machineries, mining machineries, etc. — Deutz engine Mode l BF4L913

• Air-cooled 3-, 4-, 5-, 6-cylinder naturally aspirated in-line-engines.

• DEUTZ-direct injection.two-stage combustion.

• Advanced injection and combustion system.

• PTOs via gear, V-belt and crankshaft.

• Extremely compact design.

• High torque at low speeds.

• Modular system with single cylinder arrangement and high degree of parts commonality

• Customized component system with many different peripheral parts.

• Cold-starting ability even under extreme climatic conditions.

Technical Info

Technical Parameters

Engine model BF4L913
Engine type 4-cylinder in line air-cooled 4-stroke
Bore/stroke 102mm/125mm
Displacement 4.086 L
Air-intake system Turbo charging
Rated Power (KW@RPM) 47KW-78KW(63HP-105HP)@1500rpm-2500rpm

Trade Information

Deutz diesel engine BF4L913 hnique Specification

Cornpression ratio 18
Peak Torque(Nm@RPM) 340 N.m @1500rpm
Firing Order 1-3-4-2
Engine Size(L*W*H) 865mm*692mm*845mm
Flywheel housing SAE3/4
Direction of rotation Clockwise(facing cooling blower)

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General Parts

Conventional spare parts

Part Name: Crankshaft

Part Number: 2138819

Brand: Deutz

Model: F2L912

Place of Origin: China

Optional Material: Casting steel

Accurately cast or precisely forged, crankshafts translate the linear movement of the engine´s pistons into the required circular motion. DEUTZ crankshafts are perfectly balanced and allow for smooth engine operation, benefiting both material and environment.

Part Name: Oil cooler

Part Number: 04254426

Brand: Deutz

Model: F2L912

Place of Origin: China

Sufficiently cooled lube oil is a basic requirement for an engine´s thermal equilibrium and the reliable lubrication of all lubricated engine parts. DEUTZ oil coolers provide high cooling efficiency and a perfect fit to the engine requirements. Precisely designed and tested pulsation and pressure resistance as well as protection against corrosion allow for long life.

Part Name: Oil pump

Part Number: 02232406

Model: F2L912

Brand: Deutz

Place of Origin: China

Oil pumps are essential for lubricating your engine. In a medium size DEUTZ engine, the oil pump distributes as much as 90 litres per minute to all lubricated components of the engine. DEUTZ Oil pumps are specifically designed and tested to fit the engine perfectly when it comes to delivery volume, material and vibration behaviour. High quality bearings and sealings ensure optimum performance and long life time.



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